Friday, August 20, 2010

TAFOSSA and the 10 questions on ICST in Tanzania

Dear all,

I believe we all understand and agree that information and Communication Science and Technology (ICST) is key to development of any society.

I  desire to see TAFOSSA become an active and one of the key players in research, development and innovation on Information and Communication Science and Technology  in Tanzania.

But  a few questions pop out in my mind.

1.What can we do as TAFOSSA to assist Tanzania take fully advantage of the economic and social revolution brought about by progress in this area (ICST)?

2.What role can Free Software and Open Source Software play in 1 above?

3.What role do we have to play as individuals ?

4.What role do institutions have to play?

5.How should TAFOSSA approach research and development (and innovation) to match the needs of Tanzania in various sectors (health, environment, energy and security)?

6.Who should TAFOSSA approach for partnership? (Nationally/Internationally)?

7.How can TAFOSSA achieve the above sustainably?

8.How can TAFOSSA organize itself at the National level to better achieve the above?

9.What should be the operational model of TAFOSSA to be successfully?

10.What are you ready to do today on behalf of TAFOSSA today?

Your ideas/suggestions will contribute a lot to the success of TAFOSSA and development of ICST in Tanzania

Atanas C Nkelame /UCC +TAFOSSA

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